Journey into your body, mind & soul:

       Your story of self-awareness & healing can begin here


About me and my practice:

It all started with a strong sense of intuition, and an incessant curiosity about the spiritual world and of the functioning of the human mind and body.

Through a good friend of mine, I was introduced to a natural health institution about a decade ago, where I was able to focus my energy on myself and change the course of my life. Starting there and branching out into many different healing modalities amongst many teachers, I was able to learn the proper tools and practices in order to deepen my journey with myself.

I am a certified clairvoyant and a Reiki master, practice cranio-sacral therapy, hold workshops, trainings and group sessions, and offer my signature Inner Journey Wellness Program, which uses many tools, such as insightful conversations, art therapy, Jungian theories, guided visualizations, breath work, sound healing and much more, to get to the root cause of any situation.

My focus is orienting and guiding anyone through their specific life situations, while holding the space for them to dive deeper within their own psyche and their own Self.
I strive to bring everyone to see the greater, holistic picture of their life, to bring as much as possible to awareness, in order for each person to regain their own power and to recreate their life to reflect their exact vision of what they want their life to be.

I understand how it is to be suffering.

I understand how it is to feel alone, to go through difficult moments, to not know who we are and what we want out of life.

I know how it is to feel like the current life we have is not fulfilling, keeping us unhappy, constantly.

To feel completely lost in this world, and to need a helping hand to hold us through these many stages of our life's journey.

I can be that helping hand for you.

If you need more clarity in your life, for your purpose, for the reason of your unhappiness, for the roots of your illness, or for anything else, let's work together to get to where you want to be.

I promise to dedicate myself to you as much as I am able to.
Together, we can discover YOU and begin the healing.
With an all-mighty love,
Klara B. 

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