Klara's Energy Tribe

I have been practicing for years now, helping others find themselves, guiding them, holding workshops, holding private or group sessions, etc. 

As the years have gone by, I have come to the realization that what is necessary, and what I ALWAYS wanted to create for the longest time, is a community of people who can come together frequently, in order to talk, share, listen and practice all sorts of self-work together.

A place where people can feel comfortable coming and sharing, where everything stays in complete confidentiality, and where they can find a group of people who are on similar journeys. 

We have a huge lack of community in our society nowadays, so I want to bring that all back.

So, I have created Klara's Energy Tribe.

This is a tribe that will meet together once every season, to share, have fun and be heard.
Anyone who wishes to be a part of a community of like-minded, open-minded people can come and join us.

If you wish to come see how it is, and come join us, please join my Facebook group, where I will post all events and further information about each gathering. 

Click HERE to join our tribe
(If you don't have FB, Email me privately :))

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